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Who We Are

Who We Are

We help guide your business towards success

Biospire was founded in 2010 between Japan and the UK.

We create new values by fostering connections between individuals and technology. We explore and expand possibilities. This aspiration has driven us to support various projects for companies, startups, and public sectors.


In a dynamic business landscape, the path to success may not be smooth – you might encounter steep hills, sudden descents, and even heavy downpours. Nevertheless, rest assured as we are here to support you through this journey.


Our team of experts, with diverse backgrounds in business, science, and academia, will provide unparalleled value to your new challenge.

Our Strength

​Networks reaching beyond a single ecosystem

Based in Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire in the UK and Nihonbashi Life Science Building in Japan, our operations are situated in thriving ecosystems of numerous scientific startups.


We leverage our strategic geographical positioning, in Europe and Asia. Our core strength is our network culminated over 25 years of experience working together with academics, public sectors, and business channels.  We are committed to share these assets with our partners to guide your business.


Bespoke Business Strategy

Multidisciplinary perspectives, objective evaluations, and targeted strategies are vital for the growth of emerging ideas and enterprises.


Our consultants have experience working for large companies and start-ups in the chemicals, materials, energy, biotechnology, drug discovery, and life sciences industry. We analyze the necessary strategies for your new business and offer advice that is tailored to your needs.


Support for new entries into the life sciences ventures

While an increasing number of companies in the chemicals, materials, and energy industries are entering the life science business, we see many struggle to establish new networks due to disparities in their business methods and supply chains. These differences frequently hinder the smooth formation of connections and collaborations


Our expertise in various industries enables us to provide route-to-market strategies to bridge this gap and assist in early-stage global market deployment.

Our Strength

Biospire can work as your Japan Strategist

At Biospire, we are a team of experienced professionals who know the Japanese market and innovation ecosystem intimately. Our network and experiences in the field have made us Japanese market experts, making us the ideal partner for global businesses looking to establish themselves in this exciting arena.

Masashi Matsunaga Ph.D. CEO


​Our services are bespoke and strategic in focus.

Biospire aims to lead and participate in a new era of deep tech business growth and resource exchange between the UK and Japan and their respective regions. Our skills, experience and thought leadership in supporting collaboration and resource sharing in deep technology sectors between the UK and Japan is unparalleled.

Tim Hart Ph.D.  Co-founder and Director

What We Do

What We Do


Global Business Development

Beyond Japan: Embracing global business strategies

We empower Japanese startups to ride the global business wave by assisting them in establishing their presence outside Japan. We provide access to global investors, and increase their technology and business presence in the global ecosystem.


We design new global strategies, such as open innovation strategies, CVC functions in the UK, evaluating and accelerating internal ventures, developing route-to-market strategies for new businesses, and revitalizing overseas offices.





Japan Business Strategy

Building bridges in the Japanese ecosystem: creating meaningful relationships



Projects across
23 countries


As a strategic partner for startups and SMEs in the U.K., Europe, and the U.S., we offer bespoke strategies to engage with users, distributors, and investors in Japan. We provide additional support into establish a base in Japan and hire local sales and technical personnel.


We assist our clients in successfully entering the distinctive Japanese market that has  language and culture barriers. We aim to enhance relationships between our clients and the Japanese ecosystem.





Case Studies

Assistance of the new entry, client base expansion and heightening of company profile

We supported a materials company to expand into the life science industry. The company had difficulty establishing a global network. We identified and introduced KOLs, researchers, and potential customers in Europe and the United States. We mediated the evaluation process for joint research and contributed to enhancing the business's global presence.

#Major Japanese company

Contact Us



5F Nihonbashi Life Science Building

2-3-11 Nihonbashihonchō

Chuo-ku Tokyo

+81 (0) 50 5534 0777



F32 Atlas Centre (R27)

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Harwell Campus

Oxfordshire OX11 0QX

+44 (0) 1865 522255

Working with the best partners


Together, we’ll go further – for a view yet to be seen.

early stage technology management


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