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Welcome to Biospire, a global innovation and technology management consultancy.

We specialise in working with early stage technology projects including those developed within academic environments. We provides support and development services to a variety of clients including university technology transfer offices, research councils, large corporates, technology-based SMEs, and partnering work with other specialist consultancies.

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We partner with the world's leading innovative companies looking for international collaborations

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Japan to Global

Why don't you explore your investment and business acquisition targets to high-end Japanese startup companies?

Biospire selects and supports best-in-class Japanese startup companies looking for global communications, collaborations, business development and investments. 

Biospire introduces integrated endorsement systems for those startups suitable to introduce to international stakeholders.

Endorsement of selected Japanese startup companies

Unlike decades ago, Japan is now recognised as a grate place to invest, however we know that it is difficult to select good ones. Biospire experienced consultant team endorses selected startup companies using our experiences and databases.

Please feel free to request us for further contact details.

Proactive global business development support

In life science field, 5-10 times bigger market is existing outside Japan, however, not many startups have clear global business strategy at the early stage.

Biospire's global business experts guide the best scenario to mange global marketing, partnering to the best investors and the supply chain management.

Global to Japan

Japan is a great place to explore your businesses.

Our business development experts fully understand its unique business culture to bridge you with the best business partners.

Biospire links to local ecosystems, government, distributors, business development specialists including sole-reps, and of course high value end-users. 

Proactive & strategic business entry support

We fully understand the uniqueness of the Japanese business culture system. This is not only for language and supply chain complication. Business is built with key decision-make, relationship development, trusting people based on the culture.

Biospire will be your business assist advisor to guide to build the best strategies to enter the Japanese market.

Primary contact for your business transaction in Japan

Contracts with distributors, end users and also for legal and financial payment is complicated to do businesses in Japan.

Biospire is a Japanese legal entity that works as your account to facilitate the business with accepting multiple currency.


Partnering and Investment Opportunities   

Japan to Global

Biospire endorses key life science startup companies from Japan looking for international collaborations.


M Bio Technology

Regenerative medicine


Regenerative medicine


Surgical data

Surg storage



Regenerative medicine






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