UK-Japan Life Science Seminar in Tokyo



第26回LINK-J オンライン・ネットワーキング・トーク

いち早くポストコロナを見据えたビジネスの再開に舵を切った英国は、日本をはじめとする利益関係が大きいとされる二国間でのアライアンスを強化させています。ライフサイエンスや創薬も主要なテーマに位置付けられており、今秋に予定されているBioJapanでの出展も決定しその準備を開始しております。今回は、英国をリードするライフサイエンス系の関係者を産官学から招待し、それぞれの戦略と日本とのパートナーシップ強化について講演します。 ※英語字幕利用可能(オン/オフは自由に選択できます) ※字幕は市販されているアプリを使用しており、LINK-JおよびOxentiaは誤訳、訳文の欠落など、字幕に関する一切の責任は負えませんので、ご了解願います

日時: 2022年5月25日(水)17:00 – 18:30(日本時間)

会場: ◎リアル会場:GLOBAL LIFESCIENCE HUB カンファレンスルーム ◎オンライン:Zoomウェビナー


17:00 -17:10 Opening remarks

- Akihiko Soyama, LINK-J & Masashi Matsunaga, Oxentia

17:10 -17:25 Presentation


- Yura Takeshi / Regional Head Healthcare and Life Sciences, British Embassy in Japan

17:25-17:40 Presentation

"Fast tracking cutting-edge cancer biology into therapeutic innovations with Cancer Research Horizons"

- Hamish Ryder / Chief Executive Officer, Therapeutic Innovation, Cancer Research Horizons [Online]

17:40 -17:55 Presentation

"Introduction to MedCity and London life sciences ecosystem"

- Ivana Poparic / Head of Cluster Development, MedCity [Online]

17:55-18:05 Presentation


- Masashi Matsunaga / Senior Consultant, Oxentia, LINK-J Supporter

18:05 -18:29 Panel Discussion

18:30 Closing remarks

※由良氏、松永氏、曽山はリアル会場での参加、英国からの登壇者は英国現地からのライブ参加を予定しております。一部登壇者がオンライン参加となりますことをあらかじめご了承ください。 ※若干の延長の可能性がございます。


由良 毅 (駐日英国大使館、アジア太平洋地域ライフサイエンス部門長) Takeshi graduated in chemistry from the University of Tokyo and earned his PhD at the same institute, studying asymmetric synthetic reactions. Starting out as a medicinal chemist, Takeshi held roles of increasing responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry, including management of drug discovery units and research site head. Takeshi has worked for 10 years in Singapore and India, leading CRO (contract research organization) research sites. He has been the regional head for healthcare and life sciences at the British Embassy in Japan since 2021.

Hamish Ryder (Chief Executive Officer, Therapeutic Innovation, Cancer Research Horizons) Prior to appointment as CEO of our new Therapeutic Innovation organisation Hamish directed CRUK’s Therapeutic Discovery Labs for 14 years. He led the transition of the translational strategy to a themed multi-project alliance model where industry partners and academic researchers are brought together from the earliest stages of target selection and validation. Prior to joining CRUK he held positions in biopharma companies for over 20 years, most recently as Director of Research at Almirall, Spain’s largest pharmaceutical company. He has worked across multiple therapeutic areas, leading organisations that have discovered >30 candidate drugs for regulatory development, that have so far yielded 2 marketed therapies. Hamish obtained a degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Cambridge.

Ivana Poparic (Head of Life Sciences Cluster Development, MedCity) Ivana Poparic is MedCity’s Head of Cluster Development, leading cluster development with focus on life sciences infrastructure and real estate development as well as international relationships to attract more inward investment and research collaborations to London and beyond.Ivana has extensive scientific and commercial expertise and leadership across the innovation pathway for drugs, devices and digital technologies. Following PhD in Molecular Medicine her experience includes academic research, technology transfer, clinical research, investment, and business development.

パネリスト 曽山 明彦 (一般社団法人ライフサイエンス・イノベーション・ネットワーク・ジャパン常務理事、東北大学客員特任教授、厚生労働省医療系ベンチャー振興推進会議構成員)

モデレーター 松永 昌之  (Senior Consultant, Oxentia 、LINK-Jサポーター) 25+ year early stage business development support between the UK and Japan. Microbiologist, market and business development specialist.