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PuREC is a Shimane University spinout company having patented technologies to produce extremely purified MSC, or mesenchymal stem cells. PuREC's REC is coming from Rapidly Expanding Cells enabling to obtain 10^12 ordered pure cells within 12 weeks without requiring complicated methodologies including gene-modification. This base-technology can be used for many types of applications including cell therapy field for orphan diseases. PuREC has been running collaborative research and joint projects with Hokkaido and Shimane Universities and Japanese corporates. PuREC is prepared for the first in-human trial for hypophosphatasia (a rare bone-formation deficiency disease for new-born babies), ready for its clinical trial in 2021. Also two other orthopaedic applications (e.g. disc herniation and joint diseases) will be in IND phase within a few years. Those three disease targets are in ongoing pipeline with challenging total $23.5bn world-wide market. Using the same platform technology, PuREC is looking for business partners to invest on the following disease types: Crohn's disease GvHD (Graft-versus-host disease) Spinal cord injury Stroke Brain injury Other joint diseases

Opportunities for collaboration

Licensing opportunity (focusing on EU and US market) Hypophosphatasia Disc herniation Joint disease New applications including immunology diseases

Investment Opportunity

Target $10M by 2022 Target other disease target POC Create global business development team Global investors outside Japan are also welcome.

Key literature and pantents

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Method For Evaluating Quality Of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell, And Monoclonal Antibody For Use In Said Method

Published: Jan 19, 2017

Filed: Jul 31, 2015

Earliest Priority: Aug 1, 2014

Multiple other different patents are in process.

PuREC is currently preparing the IND for hypophosphatasia (a rare bone-formation deficiency disease for new born babies) with our uniquely purified MSC (mesenchymal stem cell). Two other orthopedic disease are expected to file IND in a few years. We are confident that our specially purified MSC, called "REC", can be applied also for other disease areas as well.