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Cryopreserved, human iPSC derived artificial and immature dendritic cells MiCAN Technologies is our strategic business partner that Biospire has been supporting its global business development with connecting to the global key opinion leaders to appreciate and evaluate the unique technologies. MiCAN develops iPS-derived immature dendritic cells to be applied for virus research (including dengue and COVID-19) as well as for drug safety applications. Their technology has been used for variety of infectious diseases mainly in dengue virus (DENV) area to provide highly susceptible target cell with being able to detect antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) to contribute to the safety studies. They recently launched COVID-19 optimised cell lines called cMylc, which displays

See also our recent articles for: MiCAN’s immortalized myeloid cells (Mylc) work for dengue virus research with high susceptibility The first human-derived cells optimised for COVID-19 vaccine/drug development and safety assessment

Opportunities for collaboration

- Licensing opportunity (focusing on EU and US market)

- Investment Opportunity

Key literature and patents

Key literatures Dengue virus susceptibility in novel immortalized myeloid cells.

  • Atsushi Yamanaka , Kazuo Miyazaki , Jun Shimizu , Satoru Senju

  • Heliyon, Issue: 11, Volume: 6, Nov 3, 2020



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Cryopreserved, human iPSC derived artificial and immature dendritic cells