Original pure chemical compounds designed for drug discovery

High druggable chemical compounds (building blocks) are now internationally available from major search engines.

Very unique compounds designed by medicinal chemists are optimised for basic drug discovery research platforms including high throughput screenings (HTS). Flexible formatting is also available with providing as vials and library (96 and 384 well format).

[ Advantages / solutions ]

- Over 95% of the compounds are chemically unique

- Available from major chemical databases

- Super high purity (over 98% purity for 90% of their product. Minimum specification is 95%)

- No virtual compounds. Confirmed chemical synthesis and suitable storage.

- Frequently updated

- Featured product lines (e.g. oxetane, spiro, carbonyl acid, fran-pyran, sulfonyl, fluorine series)

- Available both library and single compound formats

- Custom synthesis requests are also available and welcome (with free consultation)

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