GMP spray drying facility

A Japanese chemical company having GMP spray drying facility is looking for partnership opportunities with global technical and scientific market.

The team can support the scale-up optimisation and mass-production under international regulatory approvals. Biospire’s partnering company has a historical record with providing API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and final drug products for longer than 50 years, which includes multiple contract manufacturing services with mega-pharma. Benefits of applying their spray drying solution are to increase solubility and bioavailability with porous and/or amorphous particles .


- Fully GMP facility

- Available both for aqueous (water) and solvent drying

- Experienced engineers to support designing of particle and scale-up

- Available from small to large scale

- Suitable for manufacturing APIs, drugs, cosmetics, food supplement, fine chemicals

- Flexible partnering opportunities (contract manufacturing, R&D partnership, licensing)

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