genesis 2021 Innovation Workshop LINK-J

Friday 10 December

10:00-11:00 (GMT)

Meet 5 leading Japanese life science startups at genesis 2021 Innovation Workshop - one hour live and interactive online session.

A great matching opportunity with the business development and leading scientists.

LUCA Science

A pre-clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering a new class of mitochondrial therapy to restore cellular bioenergetics in dysfunctional or damaged tissues and organs. Having shown promising in vivo models for myocardial infarction in rodents and pigs, they are looking to expand the application of functional mitochondria for placental diseases in pregnancy for which there are unmet medical needs.


The world’s first iPS cell-derived cardiomyocyte sheet and allogeneic cell therapeutic production company. They are seeking global business partners including pharmaceutical companies and venture capitals to support their business development and clinical studies in key territories.

M Bio Technology

A specialised mycoplasma company with success in identifying and synthesising mycoplasma-specific antigens. The technology and patents can be used for highly sensitive diagnoses and vaccine development. They are also looking for R&D partners to unravel the link between long-COVID and mycoplasma infectious diseases.


A MSC (mesenchymal stem cell) company able to produce highly purified cells at a large scale. Their MSCs (called REC) are suitable for cell therapy for bone metabolic disorders including hypophosphatasia, hernia and spinal canal stenosis. PuREC is looking for clinical partners from the pharmaceutical industry.


An innovative startup specialising in microgravity environment using high quality and-pure crystal materials with less cluster formations, so called GFDD or gravity-free drug discovery. They are seeking aggressive funds and global business partners to provide valuable solutions to life sciences.


Genesis 2021 will assemble senior executives and decision-makers from across the Life Science, Healthcare and Technology field to present, discuss and demonstrate their collective insight and thought leadership for the sector.

You can find a list of companies attending Genesis 2021 here.

For further details visit genesis website