EV Car or Electric vehicle at charging s

​Battery-related Products

​Global standard battery-related materials from lab to bulk scales

Biospire, with our business partners, supplies our speciality battery products to the world-wide market including major battery manufactures and automotive companies producing EV and HEV. We have special R&D team designing new battery materials to produce reliable cathode and anode key slurry materials including electrolytes and pre-mixed solvents.

​LBG - Lithium Battery Grades

  • LGB electrolytes 

  • LGB solvents

  • LGB electrolyte

  • LGB pre-mixed products

​CPG - Capacitor Grades

  • CPG electrolyte

  • CPG electrolytes

​MBG - Magnesium Battery Grade

  • MBG electrolyte

  • MBG electrolytes

​ILD - Ionised Liquid

  • ILD solvents

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