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While MSC (mesenchymal stem cell) has recently emerged as a new modality which has great potential to tackle many difficult diseases, it still faces difficult challenges; namely 1) expandability, 2) differentiation ability and 3) migration ability in the body. To conquer all of such challenges, our company’s extremely purified MSC, “REC” (Rapidly Expanding Cells), is ready for production. Our founder, Dr. Yumi Matsuzaki, established a unique method to select the very best MSC from human bone marrow and to proliferate to the ultimate level. Nothing is genetically modified. Just selected and purified. “REC” can expand from a single cell to 1 x 10^12 cells within 12 weeks by showing clearer differentiation abilities, for example to make bones. During our preclinical mouse test, “REC” showed clog-free migration in the body without indicating any trace of pulmonary embolism.


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PuREC Co., Ltd.




Shimane, JP

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Shimane University Medical School

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Tokyo, JP

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PuREC is currently preparing the IND for hypophosphatasia (a rare bone-formation deficiency disease for new born babies) with our uniquely purified MSC (mesenchymal stem cell). Two other orthopedic disease are expected to file IND in a few years. We are confident that our specially purified MSC, called “REC”, can be applied also for other disease areas as well.
As our first-in-human trial is expected to start in 2021, we seek for license partners and investors to solidify furhter development; esipecially in Europe and U.S.