M Bio Technology Inc.

Novel diagnoses, prevention and therapeutics technologies for mycoplasma infectious diseases (MID)

M Bio Technology

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M Bio Technology Inc.




Tokyo, JP

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Chiba, JP

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Over $3m

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Series B stage / global alliance

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M Biotech has key patents for the structure of glycolipid on mycoplasma membrane surfaces as well as its synthesis methodology. These technologies could be applied both for high sensitive diagnoses and vaccine development with applying the glycolipid-antigen to produce its antibody. M Biotech encourages global business expansion with identifying the business and technical partners.

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Key literatures

Synthesis and absolute structures of Mycoplasma pneumoniae β-glyceroglycolipid antigens

Chemosynthetic homologues of Mycoplasma pneumoniae β-glycolipid antigens for the diagnosis of mycoplasma infectious diseases

Detection of serum antibodies against phosphocholine-containing aminoglycoglycerolipid specific to Mycoplasma fermentans in HIV-1 infected individuals