With high level of business and technical understandings. We have great network and accesses to best-in-class sciences.

Key Fields

iPSC Technologies

Biospire has own global network to link to best-in-class startup companies having unique technologies having iPS-differentiation and disease modelling. We have strong network with two stem cell hubs at Kyoto and Cambridge (U.K.).

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  • Disease model designing

  • Link to KOLs and top suppliers (worldwide)

  • Global business development for stem cell manufactures

    • Global marketing​/BD

    • Logistics management

    • Assignment of partners (distributors)


iPSC differentiations

  • Hepatocyte

  • Pancreatic beta cells

  • Intestinal enterocytes (organoids)

  • Cardiomyocytes

  • Myeloid cells

Disease models

  • Patient-derived models

  • Gene edited models (CRISPR/CAS)

  • Custom disease model development

AI drug discovery

Biospire can consult integrated compounds designing and its DMTA systems from our great global networks leading this field. We are also proposing new generation drug discovery systems combining AI and iPS-disease modelling technologies.



  • Link to top AI scientists and companies

  • Custom compound designing services

  • DMTA (design-make-test-analyse) management


  • Desktop software

    • Virtual screening​

    • Ligand designing


Biospire leads integrated micro-physiological systems (MPS) combining stem cells and organs-on-chip technologies to foresee advanced drug discovery and toxicology assay systems including multi-organs evaluations.

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  • Link to leading manufactures and KOLs

  • Global business supports

    • Logistics​ management

    • Global marketing



  • Multi-organs systems

    • Intestine to liver​

    • Liver to brain

  • Long-term hepatic evaluation systems

    • ​Perfused 3D cell culturing​

Material Sciences

Materials are the key factors for all scientific innovations. Biospire has wide ranges of material science-based technologies and network to those innovators.



  • KOL introduction & startups having technologies including;

    • Nanotechnology

    • Lithium ion battery

    • Photovoltaic

    • Water purification

    • Fluorinated polymer

    • Natural (renewable) materials

    • Biodegradable materials


  • Nano-fibre using electric spinning

  • Solvent-free adhesion core-technology

  • Novel particle analysis using magnetic susceptibility

  • Major battery related products

  • Peptide-based growth factor agonists/antagonists designing

Biospire has invaluable business network with a key manufacture launching high-druggable diverse compounds both with library and single building-block formats.

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  • Link to compound designing specialists

  • Link to CRO to synthesise compounds at commercial scale (GMP complied)


Small molecules

  • Diverse library

    • FBDD (fragment-based drug discovery)​

  • High pure and druggable building blocks

Peptide based

  • Custom peptide synthesis

Innovative Life Sciences

Biospire has consulted best-in-class innovative life science businesses suitable for global business successes. Please contact us for further collaboration/partnership opportunities.


Collaboration/investment opportunities

  • A Japanese chemical company producing super high pure and high druggable compounds seeking global business partners and pharmaceutical clients.

  • A Japanese life science startup producing human iPSC derived myeloid cells for COVID-19 vaccine development seeking collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies.

  • A Japanese life science startup having nano-technology-based drug delivery system designed for nasal vaccination seeking investment from global market and partnership with global pharma.  

  • A British startup having licenses to produce high function iPS-derived hepatocytes in large scale seeking partnership and series A investment for cell therapy business development.